How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger bringing good news,
                                                                                                                                                                                  Breaking the news that all's well, proclaiming good times, announcing salvation,
                                                                                                                            telling Zion, "Your God reigns!" 

David Paul Sumner

I want to educate young men to be the best possible husbands and fathers according to Biblical standards, and to bring healing to families.

Dave is youngest of five sons. He was born in Flint and grew up in Burton, Michigan. The first job he had was to cut the grass of a neighbor. He spent much of his youth alone, he was a latchkey child before there was a name for it. He rode a bicycle seven miles to driver education classes until the police stole it (thinking that it was abandoned). He never tried drugs, got involved with girls, smoking, sports, dancing, drinking, or any form of extracurricular activity; not because he was so good, but due to lack of opportunity.

Dave knew from a early age that he was destined to help people . He planned to become a physical therapist, but was denied admission to college due to poor grades and lack of money. After high school graduation, he enrolled in a practical nursing program thinking it would be a stepping stone to physical therapy. He was forced out of the program by sexual discrimination. He joined the U.S. Naval Reserve and was awarded a certificate as a Hospitalcorpsman. Upon completion of training, Dave transferred to the U.S. Army. He was assigned to an ambulance, where he checked the oil and water in the vehicle each morning, and never saw a patient. He requested and was granted an early release. While he has Honorable discharges from both the Navy and the Army; he has no veteran benefits since he never had 180 days of service.

David was hired by General Motors, were he worked for 28 years.  He spent over 30 years working in unpaid positions of Christian Education, Youth Leadership and Community Service. He retired so that he could complete his internship as a counselor. General Motors thought so much of Dave that when he left, they tore the factory down.

Between his experience with the church, his life as a husband, father, and  now a grandfather; and his education, a Bachelor of Arts in FamilyLife Education and a Master of Arts in Counseling; Dave stands in a unique position to advise, educate and

Illuminate people of all ages and situations.



 Work History:


Dave was taken to church when he was seven days old. He received awards for bring classmates to Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. He attended the former Fourth Pilgrim Holiness church, later called Evergreen Valley Wesleyan Church in Flint, Michigan.  He was a Youth Group Leader, from: 6/13/1967 to 6/10/1973. One significant memory he has is of leading group in doing a skit based on Bill Cosby’s “Noah”. Unfortunately the church has since closed so they are not able to be contacted.


From: 6/1/1973 to 5/1/1979, Dave attended Durand Church of the Nazarene, in Durand, Michigan. He served as a Youth Supporter. He aided the leaders of the group by providing transportation and ideas for activities and community service projects. He hosted afterglow parties after evening services. David got married and moved from the area. You may contact the church for a reference, 9725 E Monroe Rd  Durand, MI 48429 (989) 288-2369. ******************************************************************************

From: 5/1/1979 to 12/1/1979, Dave attended Davison Missionary Church in Davison, Michigan  He was asked to be a  Junior High Sunday School Teacher. Dave was terrible at this job. He tried to use a King James Version of the Bible with a group of young teens that were quizzing with New International Version. The Pastor Ray Bachman suggested that Dave might attend Trinity Missionary Church, because it was nearer to his house and this church needed workers. They can be contacted for a reference at: 1481 N Gale Rd.,  Davison, MI 48423
(810) 653-2484



Life Church was called Trinity Missionary Church when Dave attended it in Burton, Michigan. Dave’s duties ran a full gambit from directing the outdoor sign display of the church, Serving as Sunday School teacher for all age groups from K-12 and adults from Young Married to Golden Oldies,  He directed the Christian Education and Outreach activities of the church, Coached Bible Quiz team, Served as Youth supporter, aiding youth leadership in various activities from Lock-ins to Camps, and Youth Conventions. During his years there the church merged, Dave assisted in writing the new by-laws of the new church and served as the deacon of Christian Ministries. He was there from 1/1/1979 To: 5/15/2003. The pastor, Don Embury may be contacted for a reference at (810) 742-4531.  ******************************************************************************

Dave was one of the founding members of Wildwind Community Church from: 5/15/2003 to: 5/14/2006. The church began in Lapeer, and then moved to Grand Blanc, Michigan. The church moved into a church that was closing in the west Flint area. Dave’s major contribution was to be the first “outsider” to join the church. He assisted in the development of the new member classes and then developed community service activities, such as street clean up. The pastor, Dave Flowers may be contacted for a reference, 6046 W Corunna Rd  Flint Township, MI 48532  (810) 407-6005 ******************************************************************************

As part of Dave’s Master of Arts in Counseling program, He had an Internship at Lapeer County Comm. Mental Health, in Lapeer, Michigan from: 5/15/2006 To: 10/6/2006. The duties here included intaking new clients, providing basic counseling services to adults and children. He provided court ordered services to petty violators and drug abusers. Dave assisted the doctors in the administration and monitoring of medications. The Clinical Services Director, Lauren Emmons, ACSW, may be contacted for a reference at (810) 667-0500. ******************************************************************************

Dave’s real "paid" job was as a Technician Press Systems All at the General Motors metal fabricating plant in Grand Blanc, Michigan, from: 9/7/1976 To: 10/1/2005. This physically demanding job consisted of producing sheet metal parts for automotive production. In the first year, Dave cut his left forearm which has resulted in an “L” shaped scar. The factory may be contact for a reference at (810) 603-0387. Dave retired in order to complete his internship. ******************************************************************************

Some of the skills that Dave has acquired over the years of working in Christian Education, Counseling practice and education are: Parenting Skills, the ability to help Parents and teens relate to each other, Marriage Skills, teaching spouses to consider needs of their partner, Community Ministry, developing means for the church to serve their community, Pastoral Prayer Partner, hearing and remembering needs of  the Pastor in prayer, Youth Sponsor, Aiding youth leadership in developing and running youth programs, Bible Quiz Coach, teaching, reviewing and quizzing youth over Bible passages, Counseling, listening and advising hurting people on their concerns, Christian Education Leadership, served as SS Supt. and CE Board Chairman, Family Survey, Conducted evaluation of programs and activities, Seminar Organization, organized, planned, staffed and evaluated seminars, Christmas Program Production, wrote, organized, and directed Christmas programs. 

Education, Dave attended and graduated from Davison Community Schools, He received an  Associate degree from Mott Community College, his Bachelor degree in Family Life Education and his Masters degree in  Counseling were from Spring Arbor University in Flint, Michigan. While in the Navy he obtained a certificate as a Hospitalcorpsman.




Dr Charles Richards  was Dave’s supervisor, while he had a limited license as a counselor, 810 653 6478, his email was [email protected].

 Pastor David Flowers was a former Pastor, his phone number is (810) 407-6005, email [email protected].

Dave’s current pastor is Mike McCarty 989-413-1430, 9725 E. Monroe Rd., Durand, MI 48429