How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger bringing good news,
                                                                                                                                                                                  Breaking the news that all's well, proclaiming good times, announcing salvation,
                                                                                                                            telling Zion, "Your God reigns!" 

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One of Dave's favorite talks:

Definition Of Happiness

A. God Exists

     1.  He created everything

          A. All the earth

          B. You and I

      2. He loves you and I

          A.  He does not want anybody to perish

          B. He gave His only Son to save us.

B. Right with God

    1. Saved

        a. You recognize the sin in your life

        b.  You confess your sin to God

        c. You accept Christ death on the cross as payment for your sin


    2. Sanctified 

        a. You have made a public acknowledgement (Often Baptism) 

        b. You are set aside for God to use for His purposes.

        c. You see the Holy Spirit at work in your life. 

   3. Growing in Christ

       a. There is a change in your life from before you were saved and sanctified.

       b. There is change in your thinking- God, Others, self

       c. There is proof that the Holy Spirit is at work in your life- Service to others, your verbal words, and your life tell others about God.

 C. Right with Others

   1. You have forgiven

       a. You have identified any hurts or offenses done to you

       b. You have spoken to the person

       c. You have given up the right to hold a grudge.

   2. You have sought forgiveness

       a. Where possible and appropriate you have spoken to the person you offended.

       b. You have admitted you were wrong.

       c. You have done all you can to recompense - pay back what you took

       d. You have done what you can to repair the relationship

       e. You have asked for God forgiveness

       f. You have forgiven yourself.

   3. You are sensitive to the needs and feelings of others

       a. You do not intentionally injure anybody physically, emotionally or mentally

       b. You give comfort whenever and how ever possible.

       c. As God provides you supply the material needs of others

 D. Right with yourself

      1. You admit you are not perfect

      2. You have forgiven yourself for pass wrongs

      3. You are allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you

      4. You are making the most effort you can to be the person you should be.

      5. You are acknowledging that, that is enough

      6. You can laugh with others and yourself.

      7. You deal with anything that keeps you from being happy